About US

Waoh (We Are Only Human) is a platform dedicated to centralizing and bringing together all actors in the humanitarian sector.

Our team comprises people from all walks of life who share a common goal; to positively impact the world.


At Waoh, our values and beliefs determine who we are and what we do daily. They give direction to our team to help us reach our potential and more.

These values are as follows :









Our team and company must remain dynamic because the world is constantly changing.

Nevertheless, our values are rooted in our identity and will never change.


Waoh was born in March 2022, in the midst of an international war context where donations to humanitarian organizations hit record highs. Faced with the distress of the Ukrainian people, unable to physically and financially escape the Russian army, Johann, one of the three co-founders of Waoh, then imagined a collaborative platform in which everyone could contribute.

By mobilizing the solidarity of his entourage and strangers, he was able to distribute donations on the spot and allow Kiev residents to join their families in France. On the way back, Johann had an idea: what if contributors from around the world could follow the impact of their donations in images?

This idea has since transformed into a web application dedicated entirely to the humanitarian sector and that centralizes associations from around the world.

"In an increasingly interconnected world, we lose the human side. People give their money but have no feedback, are not in contact with associations. This is a problem because this is how distrust begins" - Johann.

With a system based on transparency allowing donors to follow the evolution of projects through private content, Waoh promises to reverse the trend and get even closer to donors... even closer!


Recalling popular social media platforms, our web application allows associations to raise awareness and interact with their community like never before.

Our search engine makes it easy for users to find associations that match their interests and values through various filters. Moreover, we foster strategic alliances between associations to maximize their reach and impact.

Waoh financially supports associations by allowing them to raise funds through one-time donations and subscriptions. We want to help associations promote their cause to a wider and more engaged audience.

Waoh is also a platform for sharing content, both public and private. Public posts are accessible to the entire Waoh community, while private posts are reserved for donors. This creates a stronger and more intimate bond of trust between associations and their donors, allowing them to follow the progress of projects and the impact of their donations.

Our web application is user-friendly and easy to use, making it accessible to everyone for an enjoyable and optimal user experience.

We are proud to support associations and offer them an innovative platform.

Join us on Waoh today and be part of our engaged community!

The Waoh Team